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Hand-Crafted Innovative Guitars

Hand-Crafted Innovative GuitarsHand-Crafted Innovative Guitars


This page is dedicated to answering the most frequently asked questions about the Madtown® Line of instruments. This section will be updated regularly in an effort to help field as many questions as possible here, but you can also email us directly at info@madtownguitars.com if you don't find your answers here. 

Q:   What is a Skidplate®? 

A:   The multi-patented Skidplate is the first and only 3-D ergonomically advanced bolt-on neck plate and sculpted body contour design of it's kind.  It's the epitome of simplicity, yet it offers up so much more over a traditional flat neck plate. It's a system that delivers unparalleled upper register comfort and fingerboard reach while maintaining, and in some ways improving the structural integrity of the neck to body joint on all Madtown Guitars. It's design was to get you closer than ever before to the upper register on an electric guitar, and by default,  It's also a larger piece of material mounted closer to the neck pocket and we feel this added mass at the neck joint improves resonance and sustain. The Skidplate is standard equipment on all Madtown Guitars. 

Q:   Can I purchase just a Skidplate® for my guitar?

A:   Currently, the only way to get a Skidplate is to buy a Madtown Guitar. It's not quiet as simple as you might think. We are certainly open to licensing our product up the road and possibilities are endless, but for now you must purchase a Madtown Guitar to enjoy the benefits of a Skidplate. 

Q:  What is the custom 12" - 14"  Hybrid fingerboard radius? 

A:   Madtown Guitars currently utilizes a blend of two different fingerboard radiuses. The fingerboards are cut on the CNC to have a standard 12" radius from the nut slot up to the 12th fret, then a compound radius of 12" at the 12th fret to 14" at the 22nd fret. This approach to fretting has proven well for us, and works well for players who bend a lot of notes in the upper register. Sometimes it's the smallest hidden details that can have the biggest impact. We feel this is one of them. 

 Q:   How can I purchase a Madtown® Guitar? 

 A:   We are currently working with a few select dealers to partner with and we will have that information available to you as soon as possible.  We are also working to structure a Direct Purchase Program, where individuals will be able to buy direct from Madtown, online.  

Q:   Does Madtown® Guitars offer a Warranty?

A:    Yes, all Madtown Guitars come with a Lifetime Warranty. Our goal is to build exceptional products that don't necessarily need a warranty, so we have an extensive warranty that covers the guitar and even the guitar case, itself.